Tibet is a vast area, equal in size to the whole of Europe, and is one of the poorest areas in the world; the majority of people can not afford healthcare. Our aim is to improve the health and quality of life of impoverished people within the Yushu Prefecture by providing access to free healthcare.

We offer the following disciplines: Optician, Dentist and road safety/general health education.

Project Status

Following the devastating earthquake in Yushu in April 2010, our projects have been temporarily suspended. Unfortunately, all buildings, including our clinic, were rendered unusable and are being demolished. We hope that a new building will be provisioned for our use during the reconstruction effort.

Since 2004, our projects, funded by your kind donations, have improved the quality of life for several thousand impoverished Tibetans. Your donations have also allowed us to educate a group of Rokpa students who will provide healthcare to their local communities once they complete their current hospital placements. We have also made positive steps towards self-sufficiency by enabling local volunteer clinicians to continue our work throughout the year.

Within the next few years, Yushu will undergo major redevelopment and when possible, we will resume our previous services; in the meantime, we are investigating the feasibility of a Hepatitis B immunisation programme.

Please continue to help the on-going Yushu relief efforts by donating through Rokpa's website.

The Project is affiliated with Rokpa, a registered charity (no. 1059293) and is entirely funded by kind donations from individual and corporate sponsors. Maximum administration costs are 10% (often 0% as the Project Founder pays many of these personally).


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